Ball Cage Bushes

Ball Cage Bushes

Ball cage bushes:Manufacturers, suppliers

Bearing and Bush company is one of the pioneer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of best quality ball cage bushes with other engineering products. We cater to a large customer base in the industry and offer a range of commodities with competitive pricing. We have a well experienced team of engineers and technicians who are experts in the fabrication of ball cage bushes. We understand the requirements of our customers and create the bushings as per the specifications and dimensions they need. We follow strict compliance with the standards in the industry and our products are manufactured with rigorous quality control measures.

What are ball cage bushes:

Ball cages are cylindrical rectangular in shape made up of alloys such as brass,aluminum, copper or plastic. It consists of small holes of a specific dimension,positioned at uniform distances on the cage. It is a cylindrical metal tube with a ball at the end. Usually, ball cages have features of low friction, great speed,longer productive life. Even though these bushes get heated up at the time of high speed, there is minimum or no issue faced by the operators. The structure ofthese type of bushes is such that it has minimum surface contact and hence it has minimum sound level, erosion and damage. The major benefit exhibited by a ball bush is that its frictional loss is very small, this is for the reason that it makes rolling contact on the shaft. In short, a small frictional loss means that the efficiency of the machine is high and that the machine can be operated with power supply with a small scale capacity.

Features and use of ball cage bushes:

Typically, the ball cage bushes are widely used in allied and mechanical engineering applications like injection molding. These bushes are also used in automobile manufacturing, construction and mining. A couple of features associated with the above bushes can be summed as below:

  • 1.Corrosion and abrasion resistant.
  • 2.Longer functionality.
  • 3.Robust construction.
  • 4.Compact designs.
  • 5.Light weight.
  • 6.Easy to install.


  • 1. Low Coef Friction
  • 2. Long life span
  • 3. High movement accuracy
  • 4. Suitable for straight line and spiral movement
  • 5. Fast Movement

This is copper based material, on which the rollers are arranged orderly in certain angle and intervals. Moreover, the retaining technique is improved that dropping of the rollers can be thoroughly prevented. The friction is low and can move freely both in redial and in axial directions, and the bearing is in high precision. This is a young generation of the roller bearing which can roll in high speed, and is used in rolling frane of cold impact moulds, high precision machine tools and their accessories.

The steel ball array is mainly divided into two categories: spiral array and straight line array.

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