Bi - Metal Bushes

Bi - Metal Bushes

Bi Metal Bushes : Manufacturers and suppliers

At Bearing and Bush, we are committed to provide one of the best quality bi metal bushes to our customers. Working with discipline is our culture and we have made our motto that no customer should go unsatisfied from our end. We have a determined team of well experienced quality controllers who are expert and ardent in manufacturing and supplying high quality products. We offer economical and low budget offer to our customers designed in a manner to satisfy and attract new customers.

Bi metal bushes :

Bi metal bushings are a combination of two metal strips composed of two different materials such as steel and other alloys like copper, bronze, brass and other iron based materials. These are manufactured in a manner to handle heavy loads. They have the capacity to lubricate themselves and due to their wear resistance and high potential, stand differently when compared with other bushings. The bi metals manufactured offer excellent corrosion resistance capabilities in industrial applications as well as offshore environments depending on the size, form and dimension of the part. The installation of the bushes is easy to understand and operate which makes them perfect for emergency replacements. Depending upon the activity for which the bearings will be utilized the application categories for these types include automotive sector, agriculture machines, construction activity machines.

Processing technology:

The creation of bi metal bushings comprises of certain processing technology. The important steps involved in the process include the below:

  • 1.Powder Laying: Initially, the steel plate surface is decontaminated and deoxidized and then the required copper powder is prepared.
  • 2.Sintering: As per different technical requirements and the steel plate thickness, copper powder with a definite thickness is evenly laid down on the steel plate. After the heating process gets completed, the metal other than copper gets melted partly and that way the alloy paste is formed. After the paste is cooled off, it is firmly sintered on the plate.
  • 3.Blanking: This process refers to cutting of steel and copper plate into specified length and breadth as per the requirement of the product.
  • 4.Punching buckle: The buckle needs to be set at the edge.
  • 5.Pre bending: The metal plate has to be placed on the die for pre-bending.

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