Linear Bushes

Linear Bushes

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of linear bushes across the industry. We have laid a simple philosophy of manufacturing and supplying best quality linear bearings to satisfy the production needs of our customers. We have a unique production facility wherein the manufacturing process is monitored and executed by qualified professionals and experienced staff. Due to the customer centric polices followed by our technically strong management team we are in a position to deliver all our orders within the scheduled time, as a result of which we have a large number of customers who are satisfied with our services.

Linear Bush :

Linear bush is a linear guide used in combination with a LM model shaft. It denotes a motion mechanism which can be used as a rolling guide. These bushes reduce friction in motion systems where the motion acts along a straight pathway. Linear bushings are used in machine tool ways in sliding doors, 3D printers, and a variety of automation settings. It has a structure that utilizes the rolling of steel balls and when it is used in combination with a shaft, infinite linear motion is possible as long as shaft continues. Generally, these linear bushings consist of an outer cylinder and a ball retainer that is loaded with bushing components. The major point to understand is that conventional bushings continue to fight issues like heat generation,component wear, inconsistent performance and periodic maintenance.


At Bearing and Bush Company, we are manufacturers and suppliers of one of the most comprehensive lines of linear bushings with both standard and anti-corrosion type components. A couple of benefits can be highlighted with the use of linear bushings as follows:

  • 1.The compact shape of linear bushes is like a space saving round shaft which allows for smaller component designs and light weight.
  • 2.It provides a precision ground raceway surface that reduces the unity with the ball elements, reducing friction and providing smoother linear motion.
  • 3.It has a structural shape like a double lip seal which minimizes the grease leakage. Additionally, it prevents dust and other foreign particles from damaging the bushing components.
  • 4.They show an absolute compatibility with a wide range of shaft types.

Types of linear bushings:
  • 1.Slide type bearings : These bearings are manufactured in sintered aluminium bronze, metal composites, carbon inserts, polymer sleeves etc. This type of bushings allow rotation of a load carrying shaft. The portion of the shaft which is stationary is called as bearing and it has the main application to support the load, whereas the portion of the shaft at the bearing is referred to as journal. Slide bearings are often collectively referred to as journal bearings. Also a common term frequently used in practice is plain surface bearings.
  • 2.Rolling type bearings : These are termed as roller bearings and are similar to ball bearings in that they are designed to carry a load while minimizing friction. These bearings transmit loads using cylinder rolling elements to maintain a distance between the moving parts of the bearing. The use of different roller shapes can further reduce friction and handle higher loads than other types of bearing.
  • 3.Plane linear bearings : These type of bearings can reduce friction and ensure smooth contact between two surfaces. They can handle large load due to increased contact surface area and they are designed in such form that they can handle shock and vibrations in a better manner as compared to other linear bearings.

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