• Oilite Bushes / Sintered Bronze Bushes & Parts

    Sintered Bronze Bushes are used for High Speed application (upto 18000 rpm) Iron Sintered
  • Dry Bushes and Washers (MDU / MDX)

    Dry Bushes And Washers, is a quality material which is used for applications of dry lubrication and is used in textile machineries, induction furnace, and so on.
  • Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bush

    The High Tensile Manganese Bronze Bushes are mainly used in applications of high load & moderate speed and can withstand the temperature up to 450oC.
  • Bi - Metal Bushes

    Steel Backed BI Metal, this product is mainly used for Main & C. R. Bearings. Steel Backed BI Metal includes high lead contents that enable higher running speeds. 
Manufacturer Of Oilite Bushes
We , Bearing & Bush Co established in the year 1997, is among the leading manufacturers & exporters of an assortment of bearings, bushes, dry washer, flanged washer, automotive washer, pump washer, metal washer and parts that are utilized in automotive industry. We have created a status for ourselves in the market by keeping high level of consistency in quality of our products and services. We also provide customized solutions to our clients, as per their requirements.

Our Products

Oilite bushes / Sintered bronze bushes & Parts

Iron Sintered Bushes / Self Lubricated bushes & Parts

Graphite Impregnated bronze bushes & Plates

Bi- Metal bushes

Wrapped / Homogeneous bronze bushes

Non - ferrous bushes (Phosphorous / gun metal / aluminium bushes)

Linear bushes

Ball Cage bushes

Sintered bronze filters

half Shell Bearings

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